Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Landlords no more

Ten years ago we lived in Enid, Oklahoma with our first adorable little baby girl. We stood ready to embark on our first "sea duty" in Oklahoma. ( I know it sounds strange to be on sea duty in Oklahoma, but it is true.) We made the hour and a half drive down to the "city" for house hunting. For those of you who knew us then you'll know that with much consternation we bought our first house. We really had no idea what we were doing and were scared out of our minds.

About a month and a half after we moved into our house we were burglarized. Thankfully, this occurred while we were out of town. Needless to say, we were a little shook up. We were newly married, had a new baby, were reporting for our first sea duty and had thus far been unimpressed with home ownership. We had left our name on the base housing list even after purchasing a home. Shortly after our house was broken into the base housing office called to offer us a home on base. To make a long story short, we listed our house for rental and moved on base. Our house rented within two hours of listing it and the same renters remained in the house continuously for nearly ten years.

Well, the tenants moved out two months ago. We always intended to sell when they were done renting. Yesterday was the day we have been waiting for a long time. We closed on the house and are no longer landlords. Although the rental worked out fine for us, it is still a relief to know no one will call and tell us it was hit by a tornado (which happened) or the sewer pipe has to be replaced (happened).

Now, what to do with the proceeds? The Stringer Zoo (among others) has us seriously considering an RV, but that's for another post.


Katie P said...

Oh my gosh. I cant believe you sold that house after all these years. Seems like yesterday we were all in Enid, getting ready for our big 1st House purchases.
CONGRATS!! I wonder if that bathroom still looks the same???
-- Katie and all

charadam said...

We went in the house the other day after the marathon. That was the first time I had been in since 1997. The only thing that looked different was the carpet, which we had replaced right before we put it on the market.

That house reminds me of the "OLD" days that is for sure.


Alisa said...

Hey Scott family!

I never actually saw the "house" that has been a part of many discussions over the years but I feel like I've come to know it myself. Having only owned one home that had to be turned in to a rental, I congratulate you and can hear the sigh of relief from all the way down here in south Texas. I hope you made more money on yours than we did on ours.


charadam said...

It is a relief!!! You know exactly what I mean.

It will be fun to see Joe tomorrow at the COC, but I sure wish I could see you and the kids.:(

Welcome to our blog.


Watkins Family said...

Glad to hear that everyting worked out. I am sure it is a relief to have that off your plate.