Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I LOVE maps

Most of you who know me know that I love maps. I may have even mentioned this in a previous post. For some reason I just love maps. I could sit and read them all day, I know this sounds geeky but it is true. Today on my friend Alycia's blog I saw this great way to visually see on a map who is reading your blog. Please sign in, with this cool guest book. The kids will love seeing where are all of our readers are located... so will I.

BTW, go check out the blog I mentioned above, it is totally awesome. Do I sound like someone who went to high school in the 80's or what?


Rich & Mel said...

Alec and I LOVE maps also.


Rich & Mel said...

This is cool! We may scoop up your idea for our blog.


charadam said...

go for it.

It is fun.


mommy to four j's said...

I will try to sign the guest book. Cute blog Char

Kate said...

You are not a geek! Maps are fun - water and land maps. I can't get that map thing to work on hers or yours since I can't get my Flash Player to work... I'll do it if I can get it fixed...

Sheri said...

Hi "50 toes!" I found your blog today and was very blessed by your military tributes and stories... I also see that you have a link to Hendersen Hills! Do you attend church there?

My cousins, John and Kristi Harrington (I know the church is HUGE), go there. Actually, my cousin is an Elder. And, I've spoken to the youth group at HHBC twice. GREAT Church and our family always enjoys our visits!