Monday, May 28, 2007


Please take a moment today and think about why today is a holiday. It is not just about the pool opening, cookouts, and breaking out the white shoes. :)

The reason we have a day off work today is to remember those who have died defending our great nation. We were reminded earlier this week that three of Adam's fellow classmates from the Naval Academy Class of 95 have died in Operation Enduring Freedom or Operation Iraqi Freedom: LCDR Erik Kristensen, MAJ. Megan McClung and MAJ. Doug Zembiec.

These are TRUE heroes and we are eternally grateful for their service.

This video was made for Veteran's Day, but I think it is just as appropriate for Memorial Day.

On this Memorial Day we remember all who have died in service to our great nation. To their families who have been left behind, we are so sorry. Your loved one did not die in vain, and we are so grateful for thier sacrifice. May God comfort you and may you find His peace.


Alycia said...

My neighbor's husband is a friend of one of the guys from the Academey class of '95 who lost his life. I will have to see which one he was. Thank you for a week of tributes and all of your touching, funny and heartfelt posts. I wish America at-large could really understand the men and women in our Armed Forces and all that they do for us. I think you did an awesome job of sharing the many aspects of military life for all to see! Have a great Memorial Day!

Rich & Mel said...

You know, you see on the news all the time where people are anti-military. I feel fortunate that I have never been around that. I just don't think they have ANY idea what the military has done for them. We went to George Washington's birthplace yesterday and learned a little more about him. Because of his miltary leadership, we were able to break free from the British. We owe so much to our men and women of the Armed Forces. I am proud to serve.

Adam, I salute you for your continued service.

THANK YOU for the week of entries.


charadam said...

Rich, You're welcome for my service. As you know yourself Rich it's a privilege to serve.
Alycia, thanks for your family's service as well.
Have a great Memorial Day everyone. Thanks for clicking in to 50 Toes. :)

Kate said...

My heart hurts and swells with pride just reading this post. Thank YOU for serving our county.