Saturday, May 19, 2007

Rock On

The children's ministry at our church performed their spring musical, Praise Rocks, last Wednesday night. They did such a great job. Emma and Andrew were so cute. They were both beaming from ear to ear as they performed.

Emma had a drama part. It was so fun to see her move through the process of auditioning, receiving a part, being overwhelmed when she received her lines, putting in the hard work to learn her part and when the lights came up, enjoying the fruits of her labor. She thought it was cool that she got to wear a boom mic. during the performance.

Charlotte and I tried to offer her some encouragement to really get into her role and to be dramatic after we watched her somewhat timid performance in the final dress rehearsal. Her reply to our encouragement presented a great teachable moment. She didn't want to overact because the other actors weren't. She didn't want to be different. We talked about being yourself and not following the crowd. I was so proud of her in the final performance when she delivered her lines with all the drama you'd expect from the drama queen of our house. She has a flair for the dramatic and it was fun to see her channel it into "Dru" on stage. I was thankful for the people who came up and complimented her after that performance. It's rewarding to see your child do something they enjoy.

Andrew had a choreography part in two songs. He was such a dude up on stage. He enjoyed wearing a baseball cap crooked, which is something I never permit. He never stopped smiling and really put himself into his choreography. Charlotte and I were a little worried as he and some of the boys around him started edging closer to each other and their parts called for them to execute some side to side kicks. We envisioned someone taking down the boy next to him, but they managed to execute their movements safely to our relief.

The musical itself was very cute. Watching over 150 kids singing praise songs with choreography was quite moving. The children's ministry team did such a wonderful job teaching the children to "Think God" this year. The musical was the culmination of their Wednesday nights together. This ministry is one of the many reasons we love our church so much.

One of our favorite songs was "Message From the Mountain." The song was sung by the the tablets of stone God wrote the ten commandments on. It was our favorite because of the cute way they sang the ten commandments. I'll end this post with the ten commandments as sung by the tablets of stone

put God first 'cause He's the best
work six days then take a rest
love Mom and Dad and you'll be blessed
don't swear or steal or lie
do not kill, that's really bad
don't worship stuff like golden calves
don't want what other people have
like someone else's wife


Rich & Mel said...

That's awesome. Sounds like a BIG production. If you have video, make sure to keep it so when they are famous, we will see a clip of that on TV.


Rich & Mel said...

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Katie said...

Wish I could've seen it! Sounds like Emma and Andrew did a great job! :)


Amy said...

I finally signed up so I can comment on all these blogs......
Is there a video I can watch!? Glad it went so well. I love the pictures!

charadam said...

I am not sure if they will upload it on the website. They have not yet. I will keep you posted.

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