Thursday, May 24, 2007


I need to interrupt our week of military tributes to share what happened this morning.

We were awoken this morning to the sound a winds like I have never heard before, we get a lot of wind out here in Oklahoma but I have never heard anything like this. It really did sound like a freight train was coming towards us, I was thinking"what is happening?" The kids were asleep in their beds and as I woke up to the wind I heard the girls screaming for "Daddy"(he had already left for work) and Emma screaming "what is going on?" Andrew slept through the whole thing. When we looked outside there was stuff everywhere. Our grill blew across the yard and was in pieces, lawn chairs were snapped in half and other things were strewn about. We went outside to clean things up and then the rain started.

After I took the kids to school I was chatting with my neighbor and they heard the noise too. They confirmed the sound I had heard at 6:45 this morning...the train. They have shingles off their roof and a tree snap off right at the trunk. That same tree fell on another neighbors boat and caused it to roll into another neighbor's yard. We think it must have been a straight-line wind or a plough wind at the beginning of the storm front. Whatever it was it woke me up in a hurry!

I am so thankful we are all OK.

Update: When I went to take a picture of the tree they had already cut it down and cleared the debris.

Now back to our regularly scheduled programming.


Alycia said...

I am so thankful that you and your family are okay! What a scary way to wake up! I hope that there are no more storms heading your way and that the damage isn't too great. You are in my prayers...

Kate said...

So glad to hear you are ok. That is the worst feeling waking up to storms/winds like that. It sounds like a straight line/burst winds to me too. Hope it's not worse over the weekend, although you are in prime territory for that kind of weather. YIKES!