Friday, May 18, 2007

Happy Birthday Andrew

Look at this little cutie! He was two here.

It is hard to believe that 8 years ago our little man was born. He came into this world weighing 9lbs 9oz and our lives have never been the same since.

Andrew is such a sweet kid. He has a laid back personality and a HUGE heart. It is so fun to watch him grow up and develop. We are so proud of him.

Last weekend we had his party. We took 3 of his friends and went to the Omniplex, the local science museum, and then out for pizza and gave them all quarters to spend in the arcade. They all had a great time and one of the little boys even hugged me and told me, "this was the best party ever". I was thinking you should have come to some of the bashes I have thrown in the past(train party, petting zoo, beach party, dinosaur party, I could go on and on). Kids are so cute, I really didn't go all out or anything, like many of you have known me to do in the past in the above mentioned parties. If I have learned anything, it is to SIMPLIFY my life, even when(especially when) it comes to kid's birthday parties. They really just want you to spend time with them, and they could care less if the invitations match the napkins and if the food fits the "theme" of the party. Well, it only took me 35 years to start to mellow, that is progress...I guess.

Tonight I think Andrew wants to go out to dinner and then home to watch a movie together, sounds like a great birthday to me.

If you are a parent you may enjoy this humorous article about birthday parties. It wouldn't be funny if it wasn't true. I can relate all too well!


Katie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW! You are one awesome nephew and I hope that you know how special you are. Have a great day today and know that we are all thinking of you on this day that God brought you to us, 8 years ago!

Katie P said...

Happy 8th Bday!!
I will never forget coming to see you in the hospital in OK! Time has gone fast, hope to see you more now that we are closer.
Enjoy your Day :)
Love The Pavlyaks
PS I forwarded that article onto lots of other Bday Planning Moms!!

Rich & Mel said...


It's hard to believe how quickly they grow. Alec will be 12 next week, and has already started the count-down for the "BIG 13". I remember how much of a big deal that was. Going from a kid to a teenager.

I enjoy simplicity the best. I have never been a big party person. I'm more of the quality time type.



Kate said...

Aww, that's so sweet. Happy B'day to your little man. I am so with you on parties. I learned to totaly simplify with parties a few years ago. No more stress! (Glad trash bags are another way of simplifying with toys! Ha!)

5Lips said...

Joyeaux Anniversaire, Andrew! We can't wait to see you this summer. Enjoy your special day!

Love, The Lipetskas

Meggo said...

Happy Birthday Andrew! I hope you have a great birthday!! I can't believe you are already 8 years old! I remember when you were just a little butter! We all love you and you are so special. I love you!

JulieMonte said...

Andrew Happy Birthday. It's so fun that you share the same birthday with Beckham. I hope you have a nice birthday.