Thursday, May 3, 2007

Fun Hurts

A woman we saw during our vacation to Mexico was wearing a hat that said "Fun Hurts." Charlotte and I laughed and enjoyed the discussion that ensued. It's such a pithy statement and as we say in our family "it wouldn't be funny if it wasn't true." Fun does hurt sometimes. I'd argue anything worthwhile hurts. Raising kids hurts but it's fun. Being married hurts, or at least it's tough, but it's still fun.

We actually struck up a converstation with the lady wearing the "Fun Hurts" hat toward the end of our vacation. She was a nice widow who was on vacation (from Oklahoma actually) with her son's family. Andrew and her grandson hit it off and enjoyed playing together in the kids club. As it turns out a friend of hers named his boat "Fun Hurts" and he gives hats to many of those he takes out on his boat. It's such a great saying. He should copyright it, if it hasn't been copyrighted already.

So as you set out to have "fun" this spring and summer, enjoy thinking about how "Fun Hurts" because it does.

(C) 50 Toes 2007 :)


Katie said...

Did you guys Copyright "50 toes?" That's what it looks like at the bottom of this blog. Just wondering.

charadam said...

KT - did you read the blog. The (C) line was supposed to be the funny conclusion of the entry. I guess the humor was lost on you. :)

I'd like to copyright "Fun Hurts" but it wasn't my original idea.