Monday, May 21, 2007


We have decided to devote the next week leading up to Memorial Day to posts relating to those who serve our country. A "Blog Tribute" to the men and women in uniform, if you will. Check in with us each day to see what we have posted. Expect to cover all ends of the spectrum, some posts will having you laughing others may have you crying, many will just open your eyes to things you have not thought of before.

We are proud to be a military family and proud to be Americans.

Thank you to all of you military bloggers out there for your service to our great nation. We are so grateful for your service. We look forward to your comments.

May we not forget the ultimate price many have paid(and will continue to pay) for our Freedom.


Alycia said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog! I am looking forward to your Memorial Day/military appreciation posts. What a great idea! I have enjoyed reading your posts and will be back for sure! Have a blessed day!

Rich & Mel said...

Great to see you guys doing this. As a member of the same "club", it's nice to see our comrades remembered. I don't think people realize the sacrifice so many have made for this great country.

I look forward to reading this week.


Kate said...

We are eternally grateful for what our military service people do for our country. (I know that sounds like a 'Toy Story' line but it's the best way I can express our graditude!) A million thanks to you, Adam,for your bravery and sacrifices, and Char for sacrifices and being there for him 110%. I love ya!

charadam said...

Kate, thanks for the sweet words.