Wednesday, May 2, 2007

"I'm Blogging This"

Charlotte saw a t-shirt one day that said, "I'm blogging this." This is probably only funny if you have a blog. Our blog has made us view the world with new eyes. We have laughed and joked with each other as funny events happen during course of our day. An event will occur and we'll say "Oooh that would make a good blog post."

The internet is such an interesting piece of technology. It connects people, at least electronically, and on some level emotionally too. We've found that it's not a substitue for interacting with flesh and blood but the internet does connect people. The t-shirt Charlotte saw makes me wonder, have we become part of someone's blog? Have we stirred their creative juices and made them smile or maybe even frustrated them enough to write a blog post about it?

A friend of Charlotte's told her that she's enjoying following the Stringer Zoo on their adventures accross the country. What makes this statement funny is that they have never even met the Stringers, yet they feel like they "know" them through their blog. They tune in daily to read the adventures published by the Zoo. As we stated in our first post Entering the world of the Blog, we began our blog in the hopes of drawing the relationships in our lives closer. We are seeing this happen. Many of you are discovering how to reply to our posts and this has turned the blog into a many sided discussion.

Happy blogging.


Katie P said...

Hi - Is that paragraph about me?!? Sure others are just as obsessed as me with The Stringer Zoo too! -- I still cant imagine doing all that with 4 kids, I even give Greg updates on them too, Im just so in awe!!
Dont think we will ever start a blog, but I do like posting comments now( I realized Charlotte replies to these sooner than emails!)

Rich & Mel said...

It really is fun to keep up with our extended friends. The world that I work in is a pretty small one. I run into people that I have either been stationed with or worked with since being here at Pax. Of course, being here has opened my world up some. I would have never associated with someone from the "other" Navy (land lubbers) if it weren't for our Church family. I'm enjoying keep up with your blog, the Smith's, and both Stringer pages. We have also been keeping up with Scott's sister as well as Janell's sister through their blogs. What a neat world we live in.


charadam said...

You are one of many followers of The Stringer Zoo, I too am amazed and in awe of Janell.

I am so thrilled you are posting, it is a fun new way to communicate.


charadam said...

We have enjoyed reading your blog too.

Are you broke from all of those Vera Bradley bags?:) That is am impressive collection.

I bet it is quiet there without the zoo.:(

We are having fun with the blog and are thrilled to have faithful readers, I agree with Scott in the fact that it makes it a lot more fun to write when you know someone is reading.


Rich & Mel said...

The funny thing about that Vera picture is: That was not the entire stash. Janell didn't have all of her items with her, and Mel didn't break out ALL of her items either. I couldn't believe it when I saw the pile.

It is extremely quiet without the Zoo in the house. I wasn't sure how it would be, but we really miss it.

Take care,

Anonymous said...

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