Sunday, April 29, 2007

OKC Marathon

This weekend was the Oklahoma City Marathon. I had the privilege of running the inaugural OKC marathon in 2001. When we moved to Maryland I didn't make time to run and haven't run a marathon since the 2002 OKC Marathon. Being back in Oklahoma City this spring brought back many memories from the last time we lived here. A friend of ours, Thomas Hill, founded the OKC Marathon with two objectives to establish a marathon in OKC and to showcase the resilience of Oklahomans (and humanity) to the world. The bombing of the Murrah building April 19, 1995 changed this city forever. The effects of this tragic event are still felt today. Now that we're back I was able to run in the marathon again. I didn't have the time to train for the whole marathon so I participated in the relay with four co-workers this year.

It was a hot day today but it was still a beautiful day to run. The volunteers did a great job and the city itself was a great host. There were many spectators cheering along the route. The race today has wet my appetite for running again. I'm not sure if I have the time to train for another marathon but I'd like to try and find some races to run in the near future. The kids enjoyed cheering for the runners. Emma and Andrew asked if they could run a relay. The OKC marathon also includes a kids marathon where they run twenty-five miles prior to the race and complete their "marathon" with the rest of the marathon day participants by running their last 1.2 miles on race day.

Charlotte has set a lifetime goal of completing a marathon one day. She's wants to run the Disney Marathon which I've heard is a great first marathon. She'll do a great job. It's my hope that the Disney Marathon peaks her interest in running. I'd love to be able to share this interest with her one day.

The final thought I had today during my run is my need for goals. I was thinking through why I hadn't been running lately and the conclusion I reached was that I didn't have a goal to strive for. Having a goal seems to help me get out the door and on the roads running. I'll have to find a race a sign up for it.

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Kate said...

Char! So glad you all are blogging. I used to blog more but now I am just photo blogging... If you are ever in the ATL area, I would love love love to run a race with you. That would be a blast. I am training for a half marathon. I just do not know if my toes could handle over 13.1 miles (they get soooo sore and purple!!).