Monday, May 28, 2007


The words to Taps
to hear the music click on the picture.

Day Is Done,
Gone the Sun,
From the Earth,
From the Hill,
From the Sky,
All Is Well,
Safely Rest,
God Is Nigh

This is the end of our Military Tribute. Thank you so much for joining us throughout the past week. I hope you have learned something, laughed, maybe even cried but if nothing else you left with a deeper appreciation for the men and women in uniform.

Gob Bless America.


Alycia said...

Thank you for such putting together such a beautiful tribute this week! We greatly enjoyed all the various posts! Hope you have a wonderful day! We're heading to bed in Japan...Blessings!

Alycia said...

Me again:) Sorry for the crazy sentence you can see, I am overtired and must really get to bed now! LOL!

Meggo said...

I loved reading your tribute!

Kate said...

On one more week, please?! It's so wonderful to read about it from you all's perspective - reality.