Friday, May 11, 2007

Her Coot

Let me translate... she is cute.

When Andrew was much younger he would notice Laura doing something that he thought was sweet and would say "her coot". For some reason, this expression has stuck. Although Andrew is capable of properly pronouncing the word C-U-T-E and we all know that this is an incorrect use of a pronoun. We all still say it.

Laura is usually the "her". But now that I think of it I think Emma has been the subject of "her coot" a time or two. Nine times out of ten this statement will be a discussion about Laura.
Andrew will be observing her and will just glance over at her and say "her coot". It is coot.:)

Let me illustrate...

I also want to point out that the thief mentioned in a previous post is in the bottom picture. :)

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Kate said...

She IS so coot!