Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hero Salute

This is a simple yet moving commercial.

It is great to know that there are companies out there such as Anheuser-Busch that support the men and women in uniform. Not only do they make a moving commercial such as the one above, but they have an amazing program called Here's to our Heroes that boosts morale and gives military families something to look forward to. Once a year the active duty(or drilling reservist) AND their immediate family can go to one of the many Anheuser-Busch Theme parks FREE. The policy is the active member plus three immediate dependents, so we were thinking that we would have to buy one ticket(remember we are 50 toes), which we were totally fine with. However when we got up to the window the attendant told us that as long as they were all are kids, which they were, we could all go in for free. We have taken advantage of this two different summers, going to Sesame Place both times. Laura once a had soft spot for Elmo, we have moved past that now. This year we are hoping to get down to Sea World San Antonio.

This is by far one of the most generous and continual military appreciation programs that I have known of, to date over 3 million people have entered one of the parks for free on this program.

I am so thankful for companies such as Anheuser-Busch that give so generously and honor military families.

We Salute YOU.


Alycia said...

What a nice tribute! This was really touching! We have also been blessed to use the free theme park admissions for our family from this company! It was wonderful! You are right, it is one of the greatest programs out there for military families! It is really something to look forward to each year! Have a wonderful day!

Kate said...

They ROCK!
I have always LOVED that commercial. Speaking of appreciation... I have flown Delta twice the past two months and both times the steawards on the plane would announce the military service men and women and publicly thank then for what they do. The pasasengers then burst out in applause. It was awesome.

Katie P said...

That commercial just sends chills down my body- so touching!
Our very good friends here are Budweiser distributors (nice friends to have!!)