Thursday, May 17, 2007

Mistaken Identity

Some friends of ours went out of town and we are watching their dog. I always thought their dog was a larger Golden Retriever. That is... until the Stringer Zoo came to town.

When the Zoo was in town I called these friends because I thought it would be fun if all four Goldens could get together and play, you know a doggie play date. When Ben(the so called large Golden) came over, the first thing Janell asked is if he was part Hovie. I am thinking "what in the world is a Hovie?" Janell told us all about the Hovawart, nicknamed the "Hovie". The Hovawart breed is a German herding dog and many times they get mistaken for Golden Retrievers, even by veterinarians and Golden Retriever Rescue organizations. Thus people end up thinking they own a Golden when in actuality they own a Hovie, apparently things aren't always as they seem. Hovawarts come in three color variations, black, black and tan and blond. The darker colors do not resemble Goldens but the blond ones really do. Of course Janell is practically a Dog Expert, specializing in Goldens and I was not surprised that she could pick a Hovie out of a group of Goldens.:)

Well now that we have had Ben at our house for a few days I am noticing that it is more than his looks that differ from Cooper, our Golden. Their temperaments are totally different too. Ben is more aloof and Cooper much more sociable, Ben is much more interested in food, Cooper in playing fetch, even their gaits seem different: just to name a few.

Is Ben a Golden or a Hovawart? Who has even heard of a Hovawart? (besides Janell, but she doesn't count being the dog expert and all):)

Does it really matter what Ben is? No, not really. His owners still love him and that is all that matters.

I am still curious and can't help but wonder if Ben is a Hovie.... or is he just a large Golden?

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Kate said...

Your dog is so cute! I have never heard of a Hovie until this post! Goodness, they look so much alike. Maybe Cooper is a smaller sized Hovie?! ;)