Friday, June 8, 2007

We came , we saw

We conquered.

WARNING! Rich and Mel, read at your own risk. Not responsible for emotions that may result from the reading of this blog post. :)
If you drive that RV out here, I promise to take you to Happy Hour, my treat.

Mission accomplished. This will serve as the debrief. Am I married to a pilot, or what? I couldn't possibly leave you hanging to wonder how the free float night went.

We had a great time at Sonic. All went according to plan. We arrived early and parked in one of the before mentioned favorite three spots. Some friends who did not get one of the prime spots even came over to join us. It turned into a tailgate party... what fun. We saw friends, enjoyed yummy floats and did this all in fine Oklahoma style... from the tailgate of our Ford truck. Katie P. It wasn't the same without you. :(

We took these pictures as we were leaving, "our" normally quiet Sonic.

It was hopping and as you can see there was gridlock in the parking lot. It was a great night and fun was had by all. We were even able to pose with the cherry limeade...who knew?

I am looking forward to your comments and wondering how many of you made it and what kind of mayhem you encountered.

I am also wondering if we can go more than a week without posting something about diet Coke or Sonic. :) I highly doubt it.


Alycia said...

Free Root Bear Floats from Sonics ~ can't get much better than that!! We used to love to frequent our local Sonics!! Looks like you had fun ~ I love the picture of all the children in the back of your vehicle!!

Rich & Mel said...

THAT's GREAT!! Looks like you had a good time. I honestly never thought of having a "tailgate party" at a Sonic.

That's a LONG way to drive for a Cherry Limeade, but if we are ever in the area, we will take you up on the Happy Hour offer.

We are really enjoying reading your blog (even with the Sonic entries).


Katie P said...

Looks like a blast! No, we didnt make it to the one here. I may just have to go get a root beer float today anyway. Glad it all went as planned!

Kate said...

gosh, i am so embarassed to say this, but i am a sonic virgin. i (nor we) have been to sonic! in fact, there's not one that's really that close by - about ten miles away i'd say (which means at least 30 minutes!)... i'm lame!

a soldier's wife said...

I ended up not making it there for the free floats, but it sounds like you all had a wonderful time. love those pictures!