Thursday, June 7, 2007

Thirsty Thursday

Yesterday as I drove by "our" Sonic I noticed a sign that said FREE root beer floats, I had to drive by a second time to read the fine print. You know how nothing is ever free, there is always some catch. It said free root beer floats on June 7 from 8 PM- Midnight, while supplies last. WOW...that sounds like a pretty good deal. That spurred on various comments and concerns from the kids.

Some of our questions were...
-I wonder if we can ALL get a free float, or just one of us?
-I wonder if we can each order two FREE floats? Which I quickly informed them they could not, esp after 8 PM.
-I wonder if it has to be a root beer float? or can it be another flavor like, Coke or my favorite, diet Coke?
-I wonder how crowded it will be?
-Is it just "our" Sonic? or all Sonics?
The kids are very attached to the Sonic by our house and don't like to patronize any other Sonic, I too am partial to "ours". We are very loyal customers, plus they practically have our order ready when they see us driving up.

My favorite was how one of the kids felt that is would be best if we got there at around 7:45 so we were all set to order at 8PM and so that the "while supplies last" was not an issue. That was the child that is my clone. :) That's my girl.

Well, this afternoon we went to "Happy Hour" and I decided to ask the friendly carhop about the so called FREE floats and clear up some of our issues. I have some good news to report, it is NOT to good to be true.

THURSDAY June 7th from 8PM- midnight ALL Sonics nationwide will be giving away free floats(10 oz.), any flavor, even diet Coke. One per person, sorry Andrew! :(

The skeptic that I am had to wonder, WHY? Are they hoping we will feel bad just driving up and getting a car load of free floats and feel obligated to by something else? Do they think that after we try one FREE float we will not be able to drive by without resisting the urge to order another one? I am not sure of their reasons, but I know one thing. We will be there at 7:45 just like Emma suggested ready to order.

If you want more info or want to see where the closest Sonic is click the banner above. Sorry Alycia, I know there are no Sonics in Japan...YET.

On the Sonic website there is a fun game where you can practice taking orders at Sonic. The kids might like this.


Katie P said...

I saw this advertised here also the other day. We are going to a soccer party for sara at Dairy Queen at 7, so I guess if we arent too filled up, we will stop at Sonic after!!

a soldier's wife said...

Yummy! especially since it can be with coke ;-) I'll be driving by right about 8, so I think I'll have to pull in! Thanks so much for the info on it.

Rich & Mel said...

I'm not very happy right now. I would appreciate an e-mail letting me know there will be a Sonic blog entry so we can skip it for that day. I am so jealous!! I keep hoping to hear of one coming our way, but I'm not counting on it. Rumor has it we will be getting an Olive Garden beside Adam's Wawa here by my house.

Loved Emma's pictures. My mom donated her hair a couple of years ago. She really felt like something good was accomplished by doing that. GREAT JOB!


J said...

Hey Scotts!

I guess it's about time I signed in and let you know 50 toes is part of my daily routine. I love hearing what you guys are up too! The Mulkey's (okay, mainly me) are Sonic junkies, but my drink of choice is the one and only Dr. Pepper! I also wanted to let Emma know that Abby donated her hair to locks for love last year. What a great thing she's done! She tried to do it again this year, but she was still a couple of inches short (no pun intended) when she cut it this week. She was so hot and couldn't take it any longer (no pun intended). She's going to try again next year and see if she can get 10 inches between now and next June. Enjoy the floats and tell Emma I think she looks really cute, too! Love to all and keep blogging! Kim (Jeff, Ryan, Abby and Nate, too)