Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Personal Policies

The best thing about the blog is the relationships that have been fostered. Old relationships have been renewed, current ones strengthened and new relationships have been formed. It has been fun making a few new "blog" friends, one being Alycia. I hope that one day we will be able to meet... how fun to think of that. For now we will have to relate across oceans and blog posts. Adam joked with me and commented that it appears I am even extroverted on the internet. :)

Alycia has tagged me for a Personal Policies meme. She wants to know my personal policies - not moral rules, like "Do Not Kill," I'm talking about the silly policies we impose on ourselves, like "Never eat anything you can't identify," or "Don't step on sidewalk cracks."

At first I didn't think I had any of these sort of policies, but once I started going...LOOK OUT! My kids may have actually been better equipped to write this post.

  1. When it comes to snail mail, I ALWAYS open the good stuff first. Who wants to open bills or junk mail when you can open a handwritten note?
  2. This applies to email also. SPAM is always last.
  3. When I stay in a hotel, I prefer it to have an interior hallway. I am not thrilled about opening the door to my room and wondering what kind of weirdo could be lurking outside my room.
  4. We ALWAYS buckle...no exceptions, even just to cross the parking lot.
  5. We always pray before our meals, even if we are out at a restaurant. If we don't one of the kids usually reminds us. Adam always jokes around and tries to convince we us need to say grace before dessert too.
  6. In the kitchen, there are food counters and non-food counters. I don't like food to be prepared in the area I normally try to keep dry for papers, cell phone chargers, etc.
  7. In our house if it is your birthday you are the BOMB! It is all about you. It is fun to honor the birthday boy or girl and shower them with love, presents, kisses, hugs, etc.
  8. A cold diet Coke is the first thing I consume each and every morning...no exceptions.
  9. I only drink Diet Pepsi in case of emergency such as no diet Coke is available.
  10. At our house cleaning up after yourself is BIG. Adam once gave me a notepad with a funny saying on the front cover. It said "Clean up this mess and I'll let you live." I still laugh when I look at it.
  11. The toilet paper has only one "right" way to be attached. It would only make sense to have to paper coming over the top. Adam is still not sure about this one, but he does comply.
  12. In our house 10 is the magic age for piercing and it is only permissible for girls on your earlobes ONE time. Period.
  13. Being on time is big with us. We try to be on time and appreciate when others are as well.
  14. The left-hand side of the bed (from the perspective of someone standing at the foot of the bed, looking at it) is my side.
  15. I can not go to sleep if there are any bumps in the sheets, everything has to be neat and smooth. Call me the princess and the pea.
  16. I do not ever leave the house until all the beds are made. There are 50 toes and four beds.
  17. I am even happier if this has been done before breakfast.
  18. I hit snooze a LOT. I am not sure if I have EVER gotten up the first time the alarm goes off. I got a new alarm clock last year and soon realized it turned completely off after one hour of snoozing...this was not good.

It is now your turn. Don't feel like you have to list as many policies as I have, I realize we(I should speak for myself, I) have some freakish tendencies and that many, if not all of you are more laid back. I am tagging Kate, Meggo, Katie, Julie, the Gough's, the Stringer Zoo, the Soldier's Wife, Scrappy Mom, Mommy to four Js , Sheri and for those of you who do not have a blog feel free to leave a few of your personal policies in your comments.

Have great day and don't forget to Buckle Up. :)


a soldier's wife said...

I enjoyed reading your policies
;-) It reminded me of some that I had left out. I always have to have the t.p going under, lol and walk around the bathrooms changing it if someone gets it wrong ;-)

Rich & Mel said...

It may take us a while to think of a few. We're slow thinkers :)


Kate said...

If you think you're freakish, then I guess I am freakish too. Sounds too much like our household! Alycia tagged me on this too, so yes, I do feel double teamed! I'll do it this week. Just winding down from last week and VBS!

Scrappy Mom said...

I, too, enjoyed reading your policies. I totally agree with your numbers 1, 2, and 10! and of course, the t.p.!

Thank you for tagging me; it was fun to play!

Katie said...

Um, I don't have nearly as many personal policies... but if I think of more, I'll add them!

Alycia said...

This was fun to read your policies!! You guys are so funny and I feel like we would fit right in with your family ~ over a diet coke, of course!! Have a great day!