Thursday, June 14, 2007

Learning from B-dog

I love when the kids teach me lessons. The times that they do something that reminds me of a lesson I've learned and forgotten. Or when they do something that shows they are listening to the lessons we're trying to teach them. I love to receive a sign that they get it. Andrew is in the family spotlight for one such act today.

You have to understand two personality traits about Andrew to appreciate this blog post. Andrew does not like to share. Charlotte and I have been praying for Andrew to become better at sharing. We have spent a decent amount of time trying to decide how do you teach someone to share. Lacking any sure fire solutions we have prayed that he'll learn how to share. The other personality trait you have to understand is that he loves money. We joke and call him "Alex P. Keaton". Andrew loves to have a few dollars in his wallet. He has been like this from the time that he was young. Here's an illustration, one day Charlotte pulled up to the McDonald's drive through window to pay and found that the twenty dollar bill she had in her wallet was missing(this was before you could buy EVERYTHING with a debit/credit card). "That's funny, I thought I had a twenty" Charlotte said. Andrew, then two/three, from the back row of the car said "I have a dollar in my wallet, Mom" (uh-oh) and he handed her the missing twenty. Knowing that Andrew is not good at sharing and that he loves money you're ready for the rest of the story.

The kids are attending Vacation Bible School at our church this week. They are having a great time. One activity they are participating in is raising funds to support a family missions trip our church is taking to Mexico this summer. Everyday the kids bring in money to help the kids in Mexico. One day the goal was set to ensure that each Mexican child at the church the missions trip will support receives a Bible, another day the goal was to raise enough funds to install a bathroom in their church. Well Andrew has been quite moved by this endeavor this week. He came home tonight and our selfish little man unselfishly found every penny to his name and set it aside to take to VBS tomorrow. I was so proud of my little man and so thankful to see our prayers answered. Charlotte was so moved she offered to match his gift.

I'm not sure what the Lord has in store for Andrew. He has always had a love for China. He even told someone he was from China once, they didn't believe him :). And he's had a heart for lost souls. Once he almost got in a fight with his friend who would not repent and ask Jesus into his heart after Andrew shared the gospel with him. He may need some work on his delivery but Andrew is teaching our family that we need to have faith like a child and boldly proclaim the good news of the gospel.


Rich & Mel said...

That's great. It's amazing to see God at work. You always have to be on watch for those little things or they will slip right by.


Rich & Mel said...

I agree with Rich, well said. I love the slide show. I'll have to try that :)


K added your kids to her webkinz :)


Kate said...

Ahhh I just loved reading this!! We have a similar story like this one too. Andrew's unselfish sacrificial act is a testimony to how you all are raising him and how the Lord is working in his heart. And a huge reminder how we can never stop praying for our children's hearts.

Now all you need is to get him a suit and a briefcase. ;)