Saturday, June 16, 2007

66 books, 1 story

We sang a song called Everything Fades this week at our Vacation Bible School. It was an awesome rap type song that taught us the books of the Bible. We even learned hand motions. I might finally be able to learn the books of the Old Testament this way. The very last line of the song is "66 books, 1 story". With that as my inspiration I want to share with you in a nutshell about our week.

1 amazing church
2 horses(really, live horses, at church)
40 toes from our family
5 days
6 grades(k-5)
749 people total
569 kids
65 volunteers
115 wranglers(teachers)
6,374 dollars raised for the upcoming Mexico mission trip
51 decisions to follow Christ
100s of new friendships formed
1000s crafts made
66 books
1 story
1 Supernatural God

Below is one of the other songs we sang this week. It was amazing watching over 500 kids sing and worship together. There is just something awesome about that.

Don't forget to pause my NEW music player before you watch, I mean listen to the video below.


a soldier's wife said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful vacation bible school ;-)
We haven't had ours yet this year, but I still have the songs in my head from last year. That and the fact that my son has a Cd of all the songs they learned. If no one is around you can catch me doing the moves and singing "Davie, Davie"

Jennifer said...

Isn't VBS awesome? God has ordained praise from the lips of children and infants! Praise be to Him!

Alycia said...

This such a great post ~ VBS is a wonderful thing, isn't it! We just started ours this week at the military chapel and they have done a super job! Our church (off-base) holds our VBS in August so we will get a double dose this year! So fun!! I bet it was awesome to see so many children praising the Lord! Wow!