Monday, June 18, 2007

got book?

Monday is here again. I am not sure why I am surprised, it comes after Sunday EVERY week. I guess the time just passes so fast, that is what shocks me.

This week our musical selection was made by our first born 10 toes, Emma. I love her selection. This is song by Southpaw that we discovered last week as we were surfing the internet looking for the 66 books, 1 story song, that I referenced on Saturday. This song, "Baby got BOOK" is a Weird Al type rendition of "Baby Got Back", with a Christian twist.


Don't forget to pause my music player before you play the music video. Are you enjoying that? I hope so, I am. It gives me inspiration while I am writing posts.


Sheri said...

The "Father's Day tribute" you wrote for your husband was so wonderful! Praise the Lord for our godly men, huh?!

And, the pic of your children at VBS was precious! Sounds like it was quite the week. 51 new Christians!!!! WHEW!

It is great that you have spoken with my cousin Kristi a few times. She, John, and their kids are very special to our family. I guess we are more like siblings than cousins... I don't know when we will be coming south next, but it would be so fun to meet you! I shall let you know!

Rich & Mel said...

That was GREAT!! We got a kick out of this weeks video.

Has Emma heard the real song?

This one was much better!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE it! It's a riot. I'm sending it to my bro and sis ...Thanks!

Alycia said...

So funny!!! I had a good laugh at the lyrics and the boys thought it was so funny ~ they were dancing around the living room! I love your music playlist too! Great music choices!! I am inspired by mine too and I agree, it helps to listen when writing a post. Have a great day (or night)!

Alycia said...

My son, Kyle and I were just listening to your playlist ~ he loves the SuperChick song! It is his all time favorite!! I love these songs you've chosen~ I am going to copy some of them to my iPod for my running playlist! Thanks!!

Alycia said...

Hi again :) I can't believe this ~ but this is the first time we've heard the Toby Mac songs!!! I guess we've been somewhat removed from the current Christian radio songs since being here but boy do we love them! It looks like you've chosen the songs from two albums ~ are those the ones to get? I want to order them ~ they put such a pep in our steps! So fun! Thanks!

charadam said...

I would get Diverse City and Portable Sounds, they are the two newest discs, they are both great. Your boys will love TruDog, that is tobyMac's son. He does a song on each album, my kids LOVE it.

Sheri- John was HILARIOUS at church last night. We had a big party for our pastor's 15th anniv and he did a Hans and Frans skit, it was too funny. You will have to ask him about it.

JulieMonte said...

that is so funny. Meggo and I were cracking up. Thanks for sharing.

Scrappy Mom said...

This video was too funny! So much better than the original. My boys were laughing right along with me and then my husband sent me an email with the link to this same song...great minds and all. :-)

BTW, LOVE your playlist - the Audio Adrenaline song, "Big House" is one of my favorite Dance Praise songs!