Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rain, rain....GO AWAY!!!!!

Well, it has been a very wet June. The first few rainy days were sort of fun to stay in the house, play games, do art, experiment in the kitchen but after a few WEEKS of rain we are all going stir crazy. We are all ready to get out and enjoy some sunny days. Instead of griping about the rain I thought I would use this post to try to think of some good things that have come from all this rain.
  1. I have not needed to water my tomato plants at all, they are huge.
  2. We have made countless trips to the library to get new books and have already reached all of the goals for the summer reading program. :)
  3. Our five year old has mastered use of the mouse and keyboard and can navigate all around the Webkinz site.
  4. Time to catch up with old friends on the phone, I love you all!
  5. Cuddle time on the couch with the kiddos.
  6. Sleeping in, due to no swim team practice.
  7. Plenty of time to write blog posts. :)
  8. Even more time to read blog posts.
I guess there has been some good that has come out of the rain, but all in all I am ready for the sun to shine.


Alycia said...

Sounds like some great ideas! Surprisingly, we haven't had much rain here and its the monsoon season. I think we will pay the price for that this summer (water restrictions) I hope the sun comes out for you guys soon!

Kate said...

oh please, i beg, send some rain our way (pretty pretty please!!) everything is turning brown since we are under a no watering restriction (or pay $300 fines).

50 toes said...

I know that is normally what Oklahoma is like BROWN. I wish I could share the wealth in the rain dept.


Kasie Sallee said...

Isn't this crazy Charlotte!!! We are definitely going stir crazy here too. Yesterday Dustin suggested just letting the girls play in their kiddie pool in the rain. (Since they're going to be wet anyway, lol.)
But like you said, I do have a really nice flower garden this year. Usually I'm just trying to keep them alive.

Scrappy Mom said...

Hope the weather breaks soon! In the meantime, go for a walk in the rain - umbrellas are optional. Don't you think they'd love the memories of this and just think you are the coolest mom, ever?


Alycia said...

Hi Charlotte! I have a gift for you over at my place :) Have a great weekend!

a soldier's wife said...

I hope you get some sunshine soon, although it sounds like you've done some great things while the rain was coming down ;-)

Smith, Smith, Smith & Smith said...

We were in OK this last week. I have NEVER seen OK this green this late in the summer! My Mom can remember summers like this, but it's been a LONG time. It was weird driving across TX and OK and seeing water standing in the fields, streams/creeks/rivers/ponds actually FULL, green grass, etc. It was amazing.