Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Pleasure or Pain?

Today I was chatting with Andrew in our room. I was folding clothes with my back to him and he said, "this looks like the thing that they used to whip Jesus". I quickly perked up and thought "what in the world could he be talking about?" I turned to look and he was holding this...

Don't be scared... it is just my Mr. Happy Head Trip Massager. I love getting my scalp massaged and this thing makes it even better. Here is the description from amazon.com.

Product Description
Product Description: Spine-tingling bliss. The Tingler gently massages the scalp, touching acupressure points to create goosebumps and shivers of delight. The Ultimate Massager. "This is better than chocolate." "My kids love it - puts them to sleep." "Amazing! Best massage tool ever!" The Tingler is a copper conduit of healing energy. It softly massages acupressure points and sensitive nerve endings causing a heightened, blissful activation of the senses, awakening your brain while relaxing your whole being. Lots of folks say their headaches disappear. All we know is that it's the most divine, relaxing, goosebumpy, erotic, friend-making, healing Head Massager ever made. If you want something that gives you goose-bumps and exhilarating, toe-curling pleasure that you can still do in public, this is it! The Tingler massages millions of nerve endings in your scalp and produces stress relieving, brain awakening endorphins. The first time you use the Tingler, don't try it on yourself. Have someone do you. Return the favor. Lower it on the head, careful of the eyes!! Think of it as a big hand with long nails. Twist, turn, raise and lower slowly - back of the neck and top of the head are amazing! Adjust the wires any way that feels best: tight, or loose. Practice, play, experiment, have fun!

If you like getting your head massaged you should try it. I gave all of the kids a head massage after I assured them it was not a torture device. They mostly just giggled the whole time, I think it tickled more than anything. Maybe you have to be older and more stressed out for it to have the relaxing effect. :)


Rich & Mel said...

I'm intrigued, better than chocolate. Wow! Must be good! I'll have to decided for myself!


Alycia said...

Now that is an interesting device ;) I might have to give that a try!