Saturday, September 1, 2007

"The Fair is in September"

"That's not fair!"
Is there a parent on the planet who hasn't been told this?

A friend of ours has a response for anyone who makes this statement. Our family has adopted his reponse.

"The Fair is in September."

An odd statement....maybe. It's not odd if you know the state fair of Oklahoma is guessed it September.

How many times in life have we felt something that happens to us is not fair? Unfortunatley, this feeling is not restricted to children. I'll admit that even recently I've wanted to yell "it's not fair." But you know what, life isn't fair. The sooner our children learn this lesson, the sooner they'll be able to avoid all the destructive thoughts that come with feeling 'wronged.'

One funny story from this saying, one year the kids were so excited for September to arrive because "now everything will be fair." They were disappointed to learn that even in the month of September....everything is still not fair but THE fair is in September.

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