Sunday, September 2, 2007

What do you call it?

Most of your who have spent ANY time at all at 50 toes know about my love for Diet Coke. You might not know that I also love maps, I haven't been as vocal about that. Today I was blog hopping and when I was over at Rocks in my Dryer and stumbled upon this.

I never thought I would have a reason to combine these two favorite things in a blog post, diet Coke and maps...who knew? Like I have said before, you never know what you will find here.

What generic term do you use when referring to soft drinks? Pop, soda, coke, or something else. I would love to hear in the comments. Do you match the map?

When you ask a friend," do you want a __________?" Which word do your use.

I personally use Coke even though anyone who knows me knows that means a diet Coke or sometimes a diet Dr. Pepper, it never means a fully leaded Coca-Cola.

I once heard this said, You know you are from Oklahoma if you have ever had this conversation.

"Do you want a Coke?"


"what kind?"


What do you call it?


KY Transplants said...

Growing up, it was pop. Now, I mostly say Coke, once in a while I will say soda. (perhaps to someone that doesn't know me too well). But, in our house, when you say Coke, it's what flavor of Coke. Leaded, Unleaded, Caffeine Free. It's a loose term!


Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Well, I live deep down in the "Coke" part of the map. But I grew up in "Music City" (Nashville) and somehow didn't want to seem too country, so at some point in college, I started saying, "soda." I'm a rebel, I know. My kids say, "soda," too - we're not very loyal to our southern roots on this one. Incidentally, we also say "tissue" not "kleenex!" Thanks for a fun post! You're right - never know what I'll find here, but I always enjoy myself!

California Natives said...

Coming from Southern California, the word "Coke" represented all types of "Coke"-favorite drink. We can not stand the word "pop", so we use "soda" to mean other types.

a soldier's wife said...

We're "Coke" too.
When I waitressed in Hawaii, it was so hard to learn to say Soda, because they'd all look at me as if I lost my mind when I said "Would you like a Coke?"

But here at home, I always ask if you'd like a coke and then get a reply of what type :)