Monday, September 10, 2007

Changed Everything

I just realized that Monday is almost over and I have not posted my musical selection.

This week's selection is not the silly upbeat song that you find many weeks. Instead it is song that will reflect on the horror we all lived through six years ago. So much changed that day...forever.


KY Transplants said...

It's amazing the emotions that are still holding on. I have been deployed twice because of this event. We watched "Flight 93" last week, and I couldn't believe how emotional I got. I just wonder if people that were not directly effected still feel the same. Someone in my reserve unit lost her dad on the plane that hit the Pentagon. The pain was ALL around us.

I just pray that nothing like this ever happens again.


Alycia said...

I agree with Rich. What a bundle of emotions comes out watching this and as a military family, living at the pace we all do because of this horrible act. Thank you for sharing this tribute ~ it was touching.