Thursday, August 30, 2007

Pancakes with Dad

Our family has developed a new tradition lately. We've begun to have Pancakes on Saturday morning. Saturday morning's this summer were a time when we could catch our breath and be together. Charlotte enjoyed the chance to sleep in and the kids enjoyed the chance to spend some time with Dad.

As with any tradition there is a pattern to the course of events. Laura (normally the first child to wake up at our house) wakes me up as she sticks her face right in front of mine and tickles me with her curls as she asks "can we have pancakes Dad?" Laura and I enjoy some quiet time together as she sits on a stool in the kitchen and I fire up the pancake griddle. I find this time with her to be very peaceful. We normally are not in a rush to get somewhere and can move at whatever pace suits us. As I begin my work sometimes Laura will color and sometimes she'll talk. Emma and Andrew normally come down stairs not too much later. They either join the conversation or watch some Saturday morning TV.

It's only been a few months since this ritual began, but I already have many fond memories of the three kiddos line-up on stools chowing on pancakes as we talk about "stuff". Charlotte seems to arrive about the time the pancakes are finished and we make sure her morning starts off right by having a Diet Coke chilled and ready. The kids favorite pancakes are our own invention, we call them "P.D.s" for Pancake Dots. They love PDs. To make PDs I drizzle batter on the griddle with a fork to form small "pancake dots." They're a fun crunchy pancake treat for the kids.

So if you happen to be visiting us on a Saturday morning you'll probably get to enjoy some pancakes with us.


Stringer Zoo said...

The girls and I still remember chowing on Adam's yummy pancakes when we visited this spring.
What an awesome tradition to start, and such precious time with your kiddos.

KY Transplants said...

I'll have to try the P.D.'s. We just had pancakes last night.

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

The food and the fellowship sound delicious!