Sunday, September 9, 2007

Recording session

I am still trying to post all of the fun memories we had on our family vacation to Colorado this past July, OK so I am a little behind. We actually wrote some of our blog ideas out on paper and it has just taken me awhile to get them typed in. So here it goes...

The day we spend in Colorado Springs we visited the headquarters of Focus on the Family. They have a very extensive campus not far from the Air Force Academy. The day we visited the book store and Welcome Center were the only parts of the the campus that were open but this was plenty for us.

They have a great Welcome Center and you know I always enjoy book stores. The Welcome Center has displays that share the 30 year history of the Focus on the Family ministries. It was amazing to see all that God has done over the last three decades through this organization.

They also have a kid's section themed around their radio program Adventure in Odyssey. If you happen to be hungry or thirsty you can stop by Whit's End Soda Shoppe, just like on the radio. The kids and I did a scavenger hunt that is set up that took us through the entire exhibit. We had a great time searching high and low for the different items. There is also a huge slide that is three stories tall called A-Bend-A-Go, get it? Charlotte and all of the kids did this, I think I was too tall or something. :)

The highlight of the visit was the chance for the kids to tape their own Adventures in Odyssey Radio show. If you want to do this I recommend being there when they open because it is really cool and even better, it's FREE. Each of the kids were assigned a part and given a script to practice while we waited our turn in the recording studio. When it was our turn Emma and Andrew positioned themselves behind their microphones and Laura and I stepped into the sound effects part of the booth. We received a few instructions and then began our taping. It was really fun. The kids did a great job reading their lines. Laura was cute and did a great job making sound effects like a slamming door, sharpening pencils, sweeping the floor and walking on a gravel road. The kids had a great time and when it was all said and done we walked out with a CD of our recording. The kids loved hearing their voices recorded. They both asked, "Do I really sound like that?" Do you remember first hearing your voice in a recording?

If you are ever in Colorado Springs I recommend taking the chance to stop by and visit Focus on the Family.


J said...

How eerie...the Mulkey's had the EXACT same experience at Focus on the Family. From only the Welcome center and Bookstore being open, to the lunch at Whit's End, to Jeff being too tall for the slide, and the scavenger hunt and the recording! I even have the same pictures! Sounds like your adventure in Odyssey (in the Odyssey?) was as great as ours! Kim

JulieMonte said...

Sounds like fun!! We'll keep that in mind if we are ever in Colorado Springs

Kate said...

what a blast! my kids love love love Adventures in Odyssey and would just dig that recording studio. it's on our list when we do our cross country tour.

Josh said...

Hi there! It's Christa from Painting the Memories...nice to meet you! Josh and I both recognized your husband's photo immediately. I think he was involved in OCF perhaps? We visited a while back and had trouble posting a comment. Your family looks so fun and neat. I hope our paths cross sometime. Great blog and posts. Thanks for reading my blog too! Keep visiting! I'll put you in my favorites!