Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Organ Donor

What do you call someone riding a motorcycle without a helmet?

In our family, we call them organ donors. We will often be driving down the road silently (yeah right...at a dull roar with tobyMac blasting or the kids arguing) and Laura will yell out "Organ Donor" when a helmet-less rider drives by. She seems to notice them the most.

There is no helmet law in Oklahoma, so many of the people who ride motorcycles exercise their right (and I suppose it is their right, but it still seems stupid) to not wear a helmet. I guess they like the feel of the wind in their hair as they tear down the turnpike at 75 MPH balanced on two wheels and passing trucks with 18.

In our safety conscious family we can't imagine such reckless abandon. A portion of your tax money has gone to ensuring that I'm highly trained to recognize unsafe situations and take action to prevent the loss of life or equipment. I've been permanently ruined through numerous safety stand downs, safety schools and operational risk management training. But you'll be glad to know that your tax money has been well spent because as a bonus to you I am passing said knowledge down to my children.

Oh, and I look like a dork when I mow my lawn with my certified safety glasses and my ear plugs in....but I'm safe.


KY Transplants said...

I'm with you. I always got mad at my dad when he made me wear my helmet while riding my ATV, but once I flipped it on a gravel road, that helmet was scraped up pretty good. That was my wake up call.

I don't wear "safety glasses", but I do wear hearing protection while mowing. I had Alec mowing this weekend, and made him wear hearing protection, and he asked about it, but I explained that a co-worker has REALLY BAD hearing because he wasn't made to wear proper protection while working on the flight deck YEARS ago. He was OK with that.

Keep up the good work.


Katie said...

lol. You, my dear brother, are a nerd... but we still love you! :) Glad to know I don't have to worry about you and your family being safe!

The Shindigs said...

Amen to dorks of America! My father is a retired Navy guy (Nuclear Qualified even). So I have dork in the jean-pool. Son of dork. I too had to mow/trim with safety gear. And since I am now retire Navy... My children are second gen-dorks.

Please immediately dial your sister friend Katie and tell her that her eyes may stick that way. After all that's what I've been programed to think about going cross-eyed

Since the term FOD is new to this submariner.... I now presume that if means Friends of Dorks. FOD=fishing net and trawlers.


Laura said...

On organ door - agree, agree, agree. My late grandfather was an anesthesiologist back in the day, and he remembers seeing motorcyclist after motorcyclist come in for surgery after a heinous accident, and not recovering. He was death on them!
Helmet or no helmet!

As for your sweet note, thanks for stopping by and saying hello. Glad to hear that your husband had a good experience at the base here in Qatar - I've yet to get there, but so far, my transition here has been pretty easy. Thank God!