Friday, September 14, 2007

Safety in Action

Today Adam was out mowing the lawn and I had to laugh and think back to his safety post. Here he is in all his glory...well protected. It is hard to see the ear plugs but they are there.


Meggo said...

those are my old bball shorts...haha...nice!

The Shindigs said...

Nice Job Adam! Are the prescription?

You know you look a little on the elderly side with those monster glasses. Lowes has some vogue safety eye wear. Maybe you can purchase some stylin shades at AARP.COM.

Have you done the ORM on the shorts vs Jeans?


Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Cute - though I wish my Sweetie were a tad more cautious! The yard looks great, though! Good work!

Kate said...

Great curb appeal! Tell A he'd be proud of Big B - he wears ear plugs when he mows the lawn here. Now I just need to get him a pair of safety goggles... He's nerd conscious so I wonder how I can persuade him to wear some!! ;)

Twyla said...

People should read this.