Thursday, April 5, 2007

Pina Coladas and California rolls

Our resort had a sushi restaurant that was open for lunch only. This quickly became our daily lunch stop. We only ate lunch at a different restaurant once with disastrous results. Emma, Andrew and Charlotte quickly figured out that the California rolls were their favorites. We ate so many California rolls it was silly. The kids were cute, they all knew what they liked and didn’t care if they ordered the same items daily, (see Can we live here? about routines). I laughed one day as Andrew was headed off to the pool-side bar to refill his drink. "What are you going to get?" I asked. "A Pina Colada" was his smiley response. I thought to myself, what else would a seven year old wash down a California roll with?

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Rich & Mel said...

Love this photo of the girls!!