Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Does anyone know these freaks??????


Rich & Mel said...

Should I assume that you have a MAC?


charadam said...

Ever since "the zoo" came to visit we have been inspired to new heights, first the blog, then the mac, even the mustache:).

Who knows what will be next...
-second golden?
-dash four?

Who knows? We sure don't.


Rich & Mel said...

That's funny. I told Mel while the Zoo was here that we were out numbered 2-1, so we should get a second dog. That didn't work. A dash three is not an option, but we were inspired with the possibility of future camping outings. You never know. Mel was also awed by the Mac. I like my PC. It will be a cold day.... You get the picture.


Stringer Zoo said...

That's what we are all about - winning friends and influencing people!!! :) Congratulations on the MAC, and welcome to the true light. *giggle*

Katie said...

Adam looks like Steve Harvey... the black comedian that use to have a show on the WB channel. OMgoodness, I'm laughing so hard!