Saturday, April 14, 2007

You're Late

At the beginning of our week in Cancun, Charlotte and I were enjoying a drink at the adult pool and had gotten involved in a conversation with some people from Austin, TX. Andrew was enjoying the afternoon activities at the kid's club and Emma and Laura were playing in our room. It was nice for Charlotte and I that most afternoons the kids asked to go to the kid's club. This left us with some time to enjoy being together.

As Charlotte and I talked with the couple from Austin I glanced at my watch. “What time does the kid's club close?” I asked. We both looked at each other with eyes as big as plates. We immediately excused ourselves and bolted for the kid's club. Charlotte rounded up our stuff and I, though dripping wet, went straight there. I arrived and Andrew was the only child left. They had closed forty-five minutes earlier. Have you ever had one of those moments when you feel like the worst parent in the world? Charlotte and I felt horrible. Andrew was having a great time but the workers were not happy with me. They informed me that there was a $10 fee for being late to pick up your children. I felt horrible and apologized for being late. (I expected this fee to be charged to our room. The next day I learned that though the sign says there’s a $10 fee, the workers aren’t stupid. They’re the one’s who are inconvenienced not the hotel. Evidently that’s a $10 fee, paid under the table to the workers, some would call it a bribe.)

Charlotte and I felt horrible. We apologized to Andrew. And then every time we dropped the kids off the workers made sure to personally tell us what time they closed.

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