Monday, April 23, 2007

What, No Disney Channel?

We are one month removed from pulling the plug on all but the very basic (NBC, CBS, ABC etc.) cable channels. The kids weren't sure what they'd do without the Disney channel and I'm happy to report that shockingly they have found stuff to do. They actually were more mature than I expected when we told them we were pulling the plug. I think even they realized how the TV was where they were spending their free time. Now they have been reading more and playing together more(sometimes fighting, which is still relating to each other.) I honestly think they are thankful to not have this distraction anymore

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rscott027 said...

Dear Scotts all(by the way which toes are which?), All this blogging is great, and I hear nothing but good comments about your writing as well as your family fun and growth. I just read through all, and have laughed, sighed, and applauded the depth of your families love and life together. May God use this as a witness to others. Don't be surprised if I don't always get them read in a timely. fashion, b/c I just am not computer friendly user. Things just go haywire when I hit the keys. I already had dad down here once tonight. I love all of you and am pleased to be part of your reading audience. In His care, Mom