Thursday, April 5, 2007

Can we live here?

While on our vacation Charlotte and I were kicking around the idea of starting a blog. One day as we enjoyed some time alone by the pool while the kids were at the kid's club we discussed possible blog topics from our trip. I just found the piece of paper we wrote our thoughts on in a book I’m reading. I laughed at many of them. They all brought up good memories of our trip. I’ll share some or our thoughts over the next few days.

We had such a great time being together and enjoying the resort. As you all know about us, we like to be organized in our approach to life. So after a few days we had a very nice routine down for our days. We were always open to the possibility of change but we rarely did change the routine. We were happy to know that we could but didn’t have to change. Some may think that having a routine sounds too rigid for vacation but I think we all feel uncomfortable with disorganization. I think we all crave routine and if I know this about our family I think it’s bad not to find a routine.

One day on the way back to our room to shower and clean up for dinner, loaded down with floats, shells, buckets and towels, either Andrew or Laura asked us, “can we live here?” An interesting question, the question itself tells you that the kids were having so much fun they wanted to stay. I immediately saw this as a chance to teach a valuable lesson in life. My mind was racing to determine what to say, what pearl of wisdom can Dad deliver at this opportune moment? (The family has actually come up with a name for my monologues. They call them “soothing words” and the term is not always used with positive connotations. For example, when someone is in trouble I may hear a tear filled voice tell me, I don’t need any sooooothing words, Dad.) I thought of several pearls of wisdom and then thought better of it. So what was my answer to this profound question? “That would be fun wouldn’t it?"


Katie said...
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Katie said...

Let me try this again, the last one was a grammatical nightmare! LOL! I'm laughing in my cubicle right now just picturing one of the kids saying that to you... Adam, I love your sooothing words but the fam is right, there's a time and place for them! BTW (by the way, since you are new bloggers), I love that you guys are doing this! I have very much enjoyed getting to keep up with you guys and hearing your little everyday stories! I love you guys and reading your stories makes me miss you tons! :)