Thursday, July 19, 2007

New Heights

Well, today was a day all three kids went soaring to new heights...LITERALLY.

I am not sure if you have noticed that there are hardly any pools left that have high dives. Well, we went swimming with some friends today and their pool is one of the few I know of in Oklahoma that still has a high dive. My kids ALWAYS love the chance to go to this pool and spend hours jumping off.

I was so proud of Laura today. Right after we got there she was bound and determined to go off the high dive. She got up there, walked to the end of the board, looked down, I wasn't sure what would happen next. This is usually when most kids decide to go back down the stairs, but not our little daredevil, she gathered up her courage and stepped right off the end and then swam to the ladder. She then proceeded to jump off about ten more times, her coot.

The older two kids have been there done that but of course they had fun doing twists, cannonballs, pencils and many other silly jumps. An hour or so into our swim Emma decided diving off the high dive would be fun...and a little scary. I was so proud of her she did the first dive, it was actually pretty good. Maybe she will follow in their dad's footsteps. I bet not many of you knew that Adam was on his high school's diving team? He can do a mean one and a half and even the occasional gainer. However last summer he burst his eardrum messing around on the diving board. We are not the spring chickens we once were, oh how often we are reminded of this. :)

Emma continued to dive off the high dive, well any brother is not about to be outdone by his sister so who do you think trotted right up to the high dive to strut his stuff...Andrew. He too did a very impressive dive off the high dive. They spent the better part of the day diving and jumping.

So in a nut shell we all soared to new heights today. Yes, I even went off a couple of times at Andrew's urging. Too bad Adam had to go to work. :(


Rich & Mel said...

I used to love the high dive at our public pool growing up. I have not seen one in a LONG time. I don't think either of my kids would even consider it.

Looks like fun.


JulieMonte said...

Great pics! I love the action shots.

Katie P said...

Fun!! Greg burst his ear drum about 6 years ago going off a high dive also. There is one indoor pool here with a high dive. Still love keeping up with you all on your blog :)

Kasie Sallee said...

Awesome Girl!! I've GOT to get Sierra in swimming lessons. She's Laura's age but she's nowhere near being able to swim on her own, let alone jump off the high-dive. Way to go for your brave kiddos!

Katie said...

Sweet! Impressive, kiddos! Hope all is well!!

50 toes said...

Work. Yuck!

Sheri said...

Great pictures!!! How fun that you have all been "soaring to new heights!

Scrappy Mom said...

What fun! Great pictures of your children!!

I, too, have to get my boys into some swimming lessons!

Kate said...

The action shots rock! Too bad all the evil lawsuits took away our high diving fun. I totally bombed a flip off the high dive once and had a massive bruise all over my belly. But it didn't stop me! (Did you scream when you jumped off??!!) ;)

a soldier's wife said...

sounds like a fun and exciting day ;-) My kids would LOVE doing that!
ps. congrats on the new car! I'm still waiting on dh to see if he's going to make me, lol, that sounds dh making me get a new car ;-)

Alycia said...

I love your pictures!!! They look like they had so much fun ~if only I could have seen you jump :) Congrats on your new van too! Let me know how you like it ~ we are eyeing up the same one when we move back to the States!