Friday, July 13, 2007


While we were n Colorado I was in awe of the beauty of the mountains. I loved how every angle was a different view and how the same view would look entirely different at different times of day depending on the shading of the sun, the clouds and occasional rain storm.

Each day as we would walk through camp I would just look up and almost feel overwhelmed by the beauty of God's creation. I thought, "I wonder if people who live here get tired of this view?" Do they just drive down the road take the beauty of the Collegiate Peaks for granted?

I have lived a good part of my life in the Washington DC area. I must admit at times I have driven by the US Capitol, Lincoln Memorial, etc and sort of become immune to the sense of wonder the first time visitor might feel.

Since I have been back in Oklahoma I have tried to figure out what is the beauty that I am taking for granted here. Believe me, I had to think long and hard on this one. I was awestruck by the sunset the other night, you can see the entire and I mean ENTIRE horizon and the sky was blazing with color, it was beautiful. Adam is partial to the wheat field blowing in the wind...the amber waves of grain, if you will.

I encourage all of you to take minute to stop and admire something unique to your location and for this one day not take it for granted. And maybe even share it with the rest of us.

Below are some pictures of the beauty of the Rockies. The pictures do not do it justice, believe me.


a soldier's wife said...

Thanks for writing this post. I really needed to read this. Sometimes I'm so busy talking and thinking about how great a previous area we lived in was that I don't realize that my current place has beauty too and show's God's work, I just need to open up and see it and recognize the unique beauty that is here.

Alycia said...

What awesome pictures Charlotte and Adam! We've never been to the Rockies...yet! But, I do hope we can make it there when we return to the States. And, thanks for the encouraging post. I've been a little cranky lately about our location ~ I like to blame it on the heat and humidity...but, it's really a heart attitude. I need to take a moment and really appreciate this unique world over here. Hope you guys are having a great weekend!

Sheri said...

Beautiful pictures! WOW! And, from your lasts few posts it sounds like your family had a wonderful vacation. Yah!

We lived in Colorado, for 8 months and really enjoyed it. God is truly an awesome creator!!!

I so appreciated your reminder to look for the beauty where we live. I forget to do that so often... Especially as military families we have such wonderful opportunities to discover new places, etc... I guess in Kansas, I love, love, love all the "green!" Coming here from "brown-Arizona" I am full of thanksgiving for the bright green colors surrounding our new home in Kansas!

Scrappy Mom said...

Beautiful pictures!! They are truly majestic. Your pictures beautifully coincide with my blog post about Tree Lines. :-)

Glad you enjoyed your trip and returned home safely.


Kate said...

Man, isn't God awesome?! When I see his beauty in this world, I am just overwhelmed. Those are some gorgeous views of the Rockies. I SO want to be there right now! I think I was born to live there - who knows if I ever will! Hope you are doing well girly! (I totally and I mean totally hear ya on the blog and balance.) ;)

Randi said...

Hi, I live about 1-1/2 hrs from the Collegiate Peaks and I will say that, yes, I do forget to really look around me at the beauty here in CO. Thanks for the reminder today!