Saturday, July 21, 2007

We've joined the ranks...

of minivan owners.

Well, last night we took the plunge. We bought a brand new Honda Odyssey. We have been looking at these for the last few months and pretty sure we would buy one at some point. Our beloved Expedition has served us well but is showing it's age and countless road trips have taken it's toll on her.

It is funny, but I feel very emotionally attached to the cars I own, even more so than the houses I live in. Maybe it is because we move so often but our cars do not change as often, maybe it is because a mother of three spends countless hours in the car every week, who knows? I know it is time to move on...but I always resist change even when it is good. If you read my Luddite post, you will laugh thinking about all of the cool bells and whistles in our new van that I have NO idea how to use. A tutorial DVD came with the owner's manual to teach you how to use all of the fancy new gadgets, if only I had time to watch it. I was thinking about letting the kids watch it and then they could teach me how to work everything, you think I am kidding? :) I am sure over the next decade, (that is how long Honda's are supposed to last, right?) I will have just as many memories and attachments to this new car.

Is anyone interested in a 98 Expedition with over 100,000 miles?


Rich & Mel said...

I would be willing to bet they kids would not need the DVD. Just let them loose, and something will get figured out.

Enjoy the new ride.

JulieMonte said...

welcome to the club! A lot of people say they will never drive a mini van but almost everyone always ends up buying one. For good reason they are great! They have come a long way (since the VW bus which we grew up with) and make life so much easier. the automatic sliding doors are a life saver with a handful of groceries a toddler and and infant. I love my minivan and hope you will grow attached to yours.

Katie P said...

Yippee! Im so glad you did it!
I still love our Odyssey and love showing everyone the Lazy Susan.
What color did you get? Welcome to the minivan club!!!

Kate said...

Yeah!! I kicked and screamed about getting a minivan (back in 2000!) but am so thankful to whoever invented them. We have an '03 Odyssey with almost 70K already! No problems so far! You will love yours. :)

Scrappy Mom said...

Congratulations! We're looking into the possibility of moving into the mini-van set, but I'm hesitating. I love our Camry! If we get a mini-van, we are thinking about at an Odyssey. :-) I'll keep you posted!


Bill Darden said...

Sweeeeeeet........ Best thing about a minivan - letting four year old boys open the door without dinging the neighboring car in the parking lot!!!

Bill D.

JulieMonte said...

what happened to Music Mondays? Are you guys going to still do that? I enjoyed seeing what the pick of the week would be. I hope you keep doing it.


a soldier's wife said...

Hope you are enjoying the new vehicle. We're still talking it over here, of course with dh gone for 10 days, right now it's leaning my way ;-)