Monday, July 2, 2007

Old School

Well, it is my turn to pick the music for the week. I want to take you back to the Old School, tobyMac style.

When I was in high school, Kate (of the Tate School)and I would ride to school everyday with our cool friend Kerri. We loved her she was so fun, like a big sister to both of us. We would crank the music and sing along to tunes as most teenagers do. Kerri would often play her brother's demo tape of newly recorded music. This tape happened to be old school DC Talk and this little sister was that of Toby McKeehan. Ever since then I have been a huge fan and now he is a HUGE hit. I love his music and his lyrics, they are so real and powerful.

I wanted to post one of the old songs in case you are not familiar with "old stuff". This is one of the songs I knew by heart back in the late 80s, Heavenbound. Kate, is this taking you back or what? I am cracking up at this video... it is so "old school" the hair, the dance moves, the pegged jeans, remember that? Any of you NoVa folks out there, look closely I think parts of the video were shot in Fair Oaks Mall. I know the video is cheesy, but remember the 80s were cheesy.

Pause my player and take a trip back in time to the 80s. :)

This next song is off tobyMac's newest album, Portable Sounds. The new music video for this song, Boomin, comes out tomorrow. Check it out... on July 3rd at Yahoo music.

Toby, thank you for twenty plus years of jammin' with a purpose and all the while keeping it real. Kerri, thanks for the rides to school.


Alycia said...

That's such a cool story Charlotte! I know I am happy to have discoverd TobyMac ~ he's great to listen to! Did you grow up in NoVa? I did ~ Sterling, to be exact! My grandparents and aunts all live in Fairfax ~ and I just love the Fair Oaks mall!! They live in Greenbriar and we visit all the time (well, before we moved to Japan, actually). I went to Rolling Ridge Elementary and Sterling Middle School before we moved to PA. It's a small world, isn't it!

Thanks for the fun videos!

Kate said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Remember when we would dance like that?! I was wondering if you'd take me to a blast from the past. How could I ever forget riding in that gold Jeep with that music cranked and the smell of tanning lotion! Love it love it love it! You made my Monday. :) Love you!

Rich & Mel said...

That's pretty cool C, Alec is impressed that you know Toby. He might hit you up for an autograph or something. :)


50 toes said...

yes, Alycia. I am from NoVa. We went to BBCA for high school. We still have lots of family in NoVa too.