Monday, July 30, 2007


It seems as if the comeback of Music Mondays was popular. For now Music Mondays will continue.

I am sure many of you have heard this week's song. My kids sing this song all the time. It is a fun song that Chris Rice wrote in about ten minutes for a skit at a junior high youth group. It had a cult like following and was wildly popular, much more than Chris ever thought. I was not aware until just recently that this song has caused some controversy in Christian circles over it's "theology" or lack of it. Chris Rice has recently retired the Cartoon Song and does not perform it live anymore. He had no idea this trivial little song would cause such an uproar. You can read Chris Rice's Eulogy to the Cartoon Song here.

It is just a silly song and is not meant to be taken too seriously, I guess some people did.

He has written tons of other songs that are quite deep and thought provoking. I will post one of those on a future Music Monday.

I also want to encourage any of your bloggers out there to join the Music Mondays "band"wagon. If you decide to join in, tell us in the comments so we can come check out your favorite tunes.

Happy Monday!


Jennifer said...

Fun pick me up on a Monday! Thanks, Char. Psalm 116:7 - The Lord has been bountiful to us and we should each praise Him in our own way!

Kate said...

I had no idea that song had any controversy - crazy!! But then again, why should I be surprised! I've always loved that one... :)

Bill Darden said...
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Bill Darden said...
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Bill Darden said...

'll join the 'band'wagon! I debuted my own Music Mondays clip (on Tuesday) here. Hope you enjoy!