Sunday, July 29, 2007


If you have been around the blogosphere recently you have seen giveaways left and right. I was just on Scrappy Mom's blog and found out about an amazing giveaway.

5 Minutes for Mom is giving away a 37" flat screen HDTV courtesy of Best Buy.

Head on over there and check it out. If you are like me you still have a good old fashioned TV and would love a new one but just can't justify the price when your old one works fine. This could be our chance to upgrade. Hey, someone's got to win.

I haven't told all of you about my love of sweepstakes and contests...that is for another day.


a soldier's wife said...

Thanks so much! I just entered. I'd love to win it, but like you I can't see myself just buying in when I already have one that works fine ;-)

Scrappy Mom said...

So glad I can point you towards more giveaways, lol!! hugs! ~julia