Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sweet Sounds

The sweet grunts and groans of a baby feeding are music to my ears.

Sarah has given me the oppotunity to enjoy an aspect of being a parent none of our other three children gave me. She has given me the opportunity to feed her. Charlotte always talks about how much she enjoys the time she gets to spend with our infants when she feeds them. It's an opportunity for her to slow down, sit, relax and just plain love on them. Our other children never took a bottle. Which was fine but this meant Charlotte was the only one who could hold them close and watch and hear them eat as infants. Well, Sarah has given me a treat. She takes a bottle and I have regular opportunities to feed my little princess.

The sounds she makes when she's taking a bottle make me smile. They are very rythmic and soothing. The sound of her suck, suck, suck, exhale, inhale, suck, suck, suck, take a rest....

Now the question becomes, where are the calories going in running off to? Our prayer is that they run off to be stored and to make her a healthy fat little infant.

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