Thursday, May 1, 2008

Nothing new

I know many of you are checking the blog regularly for updates. I wish I had one for you. There is a lot of waiting in this process.

They have removed her IV and now she is just on a few monitors. She is on a feeding schedule and it is breastfeed, pump, supplement with pumped milk and formula, repeat...

The doctors and nurses feel confident that I can get my milk supply up to meet her needs, it is not there now. She is not the most efficient eater and in turn not really stimulating milk production, that is the reason for the pumping. We are feeding her a higher calorie formula that is easier for her little body to absorb. We should see some progress by the morning. We are looking for some weight gain and for it to continue.

I was wondering if any of your lactating mothers out there have any experience with reglan? Did it help with your milk supply? I have nursed the other three for their entire first year so they know "the mechanics" as they put it, are there. I just need to get her latched on and nursing efficiently. I also need to realize when it is time to jump ship and give it up and switch to formula. As many of you know I am one determined, some would even say stubborn, lady. I am going to keep up the breastfeeding as long as the doctors encourage it and they are very positive about my tenacity.

Like I said at the beginning I have nothing new to report. There is nothing obviously wrong with her other than her lack of weight gain. At this point she should be back up to her birth weight of up to 9lbs, that seems like an impossibility right now, but I remain optimistic.

I will most likely not post again tonight unless there is anything noteworthy to report, which I do not foresee at this point.

Keep praying for our little princess.

Did you know that is what Sarah means? princess


DuffFam said...

OHHHH Charlotte and Adam, I know what you are going through. I had to watch Nate in NICU for a week stuck to a thousand was heartbreaking. I am on my knees praying for Sarah.
Love Shannon

cheryl said...

Yes, I tried reglan after kyle and found it gave me minimal increased milk and made me exhausted. Truthfully if he was my first I might have continued with this med but being the second we decided to do what was best and switched solely to formula. I was no good to anyone while on the medicine and nursing, pumping, bottle feeding... I would highly recommend against reglan.

KY Transplants said...

Just catching up on all the news. I'm praying for Sarah and for peace for your family. Charlotte, I agree to keep hanging in there. As long as you can keep her sucking, don't quit! Even if she does better on the formula for now, you can always work on the nursing once her weight comes up (as long as she's willing to try to nurse.) You are a determined woman and that's a good trait!

Will keep looking for updates and keep Sarah at the TOP of my prayers.


Alycia said...

Hi Charlotte ~ Just checking in to see how little Sarah is doing. My firtst, Kyle, lost over 10% of his birth weight. Due to my inexperience with nursing and incorrect positioning, I I ended up giving him formula by the time he was one month old. I felt so discouraged but in the end, Kyle did very well on formula. But, with my other two I nursed them for over a year and had great success. So, my point is, hang in there and it sounds like you have a great support team. Hopefully once Sarah increases in weight, she will be more interested in nursing. Are you finger feeding her via a tube the formula? We did do that a few times with Mason so that he would not become used to a bottle. But, in the end, if Sarah needs formula ~ just know that you are doing all that you can for her. I will pray specifically for her weight increase, your milk supply and for her interest in nursing.


momanna98 said...

Hi. I saw a link to you on EEEEMommy. Fenugreek increases milk supply. It's a pill and you can get it at the health store with the vitamins. You must have an awesome doctor for him not to make you use formula! Get your rest and eat right. Keep up the good work.

Kate said...

I used Fenugreek when my supply was low with #3. You have to swallow tons of pills. I just about gagged! I didn't see any difference. Never heard of Reglan.

I'm praying for you all. :)