Saturday, May 3, 2008

Sarah 2 weeks

I know these are late, but better late than never.


Sadlier Family said...

Sarah looks beautiful! We're praying that she'll be a chubby baby soon.

Katie P said...

she is so cute! Who do you think she looks like? Laura a little? I cant beleive all that you have been thru this week. Im sure you are so so ready to get home. Have you gotten to for a little break? we are thinking about you all.

KY Transplants said...

I love the tush in the air, my favorite baby pose! It's nice to see her with her eyes open too, babies always look so different with their eyes open.


DeAnn Poorman said...

What a beautiful baby! So glad to hear that she did not lose any weight today. I hope everything continues to improve for her. She is just precious.

You all are in our prayers!!

DeAnn Poorman and family