Friday, August 3, 2007

Seventeen kids?

Can you even image having 17 children?

Yesterday Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar gave birth to their 17th baby, a little girl, Jennifer. Here is a link to their family site, but I have had a hard time logging on today, I think it is overloaded with all of the inquiring minds out there.

My first introduction to this family was on a Discovery Channel episode about large families. If you have never seen the Duggar family tune in on Monday night, August 6 8PM EST the Discovery Channel will be re-airing a couple of episodes about the Duggar family. One of the episodes follows them as they go on an RV vacation, it is quite the expedition. It is truly amazing to see how the family functions... like a well oiled machine. I forgot to mention that the Michelle homeschools the crew too. The kids range in age from 19 to newborn, and there are 2 sets of twins. Michelle is 41 years old and has been pregnant for over ten and a half years....whoa!

After watching this family I wonder why in the world three kids seems so difficult at times.

Just think they have 190 toes in their family and they said they would love to have more, especially girls. They are a truly amazing family, hats off to them. Welcome to the world Jennifer Danielle Duggar.


KY Transplants said...

Very interesting...we checked our listings and it will not be shown in our area. Too bad, now my curiosity is peaked. Neat story, thanks.


Kasie Sallee said...

Isn't that amazing!? I've watched that show too. I catch myself just staring at the tv, dumbfounded. They handle their whole crew better than I can handle my 2.
Don't know how they do it!

50 toes said...

The special might be on the Discovery Health Channel, is that such a thing?


Jennifer said...

For what it's worth, I heard Michelle Duggar say (on one of the tv specials) that the first five were the hardest - b/c she didn't have as many older helpers. That always comforts me when I feel like a wimp and am overwhelmed by my five. God bless.