Thursday, August 23, 2007

From Auction to Fame

I like to think when you check in at 50 toes you never know what you will find. Sometimes you will find cute pictures of the kids, other times you will find reflective posts normally written by the largest toes, but many times you will just find some totally random story that we want to share with you that many times involves carbonated beverages. We like to leave you is no different

Well today's post was inspired by none other than Scrappy Mom, I love this girl, she is one hip chick. She posted this link to a real life eBay auction. It is hilarious. You have to check it out.

In brief, a mom goes to the grocery store with her six kids and ends up buying some Pokemon cards. She doesn't realize this until she gets home and they have already been opened on the way home. She decides to sell them on eBay here is the Dave Barryesque piece she wrote about how she acquired the undesired trading cards. This mother is one funny lady and knows how to sell anything on eBay, check out what they sold for. I don't think she had any idea how popular she would become, she was just having some fun and blowing off some creative steam. This auction had ended but apparently she is getting over 14,000 hits on it a day. She also has a blog and is getting over 77,000 hits in one day. That will rock any blogger's stat meter.

Thanks Scrappy Mom for your endless source of inspiration. I am so dying to meet you one day.


Scrappy Mom said...

Well, shucks... (as my toe digs in the dirt). You know the feelings mutual, right?


Kate said...

that's funny. i saw that ebay auction while surfing ebay this week. someone had added a link to their auction to go check it out. hilarious! (yes, i am an ebay addict!)

California Natives said...

Thanks for sharing the incredibly funny story. I thought I had it bad taking 3 girls shopping....I will never complain again.

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Thanks for a great laugh! We've all had at least one trip to the store like that, eh? My giggle box turned over when I read the part about the Energy cards and I couldn't stop laughing!!! (It's late and been a long day.) Thanks to Scrappy Mom, too. Ya'll are great!

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

PS - visit my blog ... there's a gift for you! God bless.

Scrappy Mom said...

Yikes, I just realized that my post should read, "You know the feeling's mutual, right?" Forgive my grammar, please!


PS - Glad to be inspiring and causing laughter among some people! :-)

The Shindigs said...

Thanks for sharing this ebay story.
What a great way to start the day - with a laugh.