Thursday, August 16, 2007


When it was time to pick the kids up from Kanakuk, I was thrilled that Adam would be able to make the return trip with me. He returned home from a big military exercise on Friday and then we left first thing on Saturday morning. The kids were not done with kamp until early on Sunday morning, but we needed to spend the night close to camp so we could be there for the 7:30 AM pick up.

In the past we have partnered financially with a ministry called Kids Across America, an urban youth camping ministry. We had been there twice to visit but had not been able to visit while we were living on the East Coast. They have a guest lodge they use to house donors, prospective donors, friends, etc. to come see what KAA is all about. So Laura, Adam and I got our own day at kamp.

This kamp was started by people from Kanakuk that wanted to give the kamp experience to those who could not otherwise afford it. It is so amazing to see kids that are pulled out of the concrete jungle for a week and come to kamp and thier lives are changed eternally. These kids are going back to their neighborhoods and becoming leaders and making HUGE positive impacts. It is an amazing place. It was was neat to see how much it had grown since we had been there. The energy and excitement put the Kanakuk kamps to shame, and that is saying something. This one girl was carrying around some type of scepter that was obviously some type of award. I had heard this was some type of spirit award. I asked her if her locker(cabin) had won it for being the loudest at cheers, she told me it was for being the most HYPE.

That sums it up in one word, that place is HYPE!

Katie and Megan, I could totally see both of you having a blast, shooting hoops(or golf for KT, they have that too) and lovin' on those kids. You are both hype.:)

Here is a glimpse of what happens there.

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a soldier's wife said...

KAA sounds wonderful. I can't believe I've never heard of it.