Thursday, March 6, 2008

Under the Weather

Our family has been hit hard by illness over the past week. Let me just say that I am extremely thankful for the miracle drugs of today, like Tamiflu and Zithromax. I am not sure where we would be right now without both of those, probably still laid up in bed.

Sickness and pregnancy do not go well together. I do feel like I am getting back to normal but not yet at 100%.

I hope the rest of you have avoided this flu epidemic that seems to be sweeping the nation.


Kasie @ ~The Art of Life~ said...

Oh no!
I'm so sorry!!
If you need anything, you know you can call me anytime.
And I mean that!
We'll be praying for you guys. :)

Sheri said...


I will keep your family in my prayers today and am happy to hear that you are all starting to feel better... and I'm excited to see pictures when your newest little girls arrives! You are getting so close!!!

Kristi told me that your women's retreat was wonderful and that she had a blast helping with the music! I would have loved to come... I do miss my cousins and am happy that you have gotten to see them a bit. Give them hugs from me the next time you run into them.

~ Sheri

Meggo said...

Hope you are feeling better fast. Being sick is no fun in general but I'm sure if you add being sick and prego it is even less fun. I'll be praying for you and the rest to get better fast! Love and miss you!

Can't wait to see ya'll at the wedding this summer! Are you gonna make it down to SC?


JulieMonte said...

Glad you are starting to feel better. We'll pray for a quick recovery.

Jennifer@DoingTheNextThing said...

Oh, Char - yuck-O! I'm sorry to hear this crazy flu has hit you guys. Two Februarys ago that was me - last trimester of pregnancy, flu, and sick one-year-old to boot. I honestly don't think I've ever had a harder week in my life! I'll pray for a quick recovery for you all.

Sadlier Family said...

Charlotte - Sorry you guys have been so sick! Praying for you all. Get some extra rest!

Kate said...

Oh that bites! I was so sick (Feb - 6 years ago!) when I was prego with Bryce. It was THE.WORST.EVER. feeling in the world (and then I got a kindey stone to top it all off). I feel for you - big time. This time of the year is so hard. You're almost at the end! 6 weeks and counting!

I tried to email you but the aol address gets bounced back to me. We are taking a road trip in May and on our way back from TX we will be driving through OK city. I know you will have a newborn then, but if you are up for a lunch or dinner, I'd love to see you when we come through! You can email me through my blog if you don't have my email.

Hang in there girl! Love ya!