Saturday, March 8, 2008


and loving it!

Laura lost her first tooth a week or so ago. She was so excited. This tooth was literally hanging on by a thread but she would not let any of us pull it out. It finally fell out at school. She got to bring it home in a cool little tooth necklace.

She is such a big girl.


Kate said...

When the teeth start falling out, it hits you that they are really starting to grow up! She's so cute!

aloha-gal said...

What a fun memorable day! I love the front toothless era. It's such a passage into big-kid-hood. I get very sentimental about changing eras! Savor the moments!

Meggo said...

Congrats Laura! How much did the tooth fairy leave ya? Love you!

My name is Kristen said...

She is adorable. Of course 50 Toes only makes beautiful kids! :)
Well, I was tagged, so you are tagged. Visit me for details. I am telling everyone that I am tagging--no pressure!

a soldier's wife said...

What a beautiful picture!