Friday, March 7, 2008

Dream Birthday

I am going to try to catch you up to date on all that was going on pre-sickness.

Emma had a great birthday, we had some of her friends over and went ice skating and came back to the house for cake.

She was so cute when she was opening her presents from the family on her birthday. She was so excited about her "cool" new things she even blurted out that this was like a "dream birthday". Who knew Uggs and clothes from abercrombie could make am 11 year old's dreams come true?

Andrew was funny as he was taking in all of her excitement. He asked her in bewilderment "what's so great about getting clothes for your birthday?" That my friends is the difference between boys and girls.

After she opened these dream presents she couldn't wait to go try the whole ensemble on, she was beaming with excitement. It was so cute.

When I last posted I was feeling better but for some reason I have taken a turn for the worst and am not feeling too great. I just want to feel like myself again, ugh!


Kate said...

What a blast from the past! I remember being stoked over new clothes! What a BIG deal it was (and sometimes still is!). ;) Love the boots!

Meggo said...

Emma I have a pair just like yours. Mine are a lighter shade of brown though! Cute! You are growing up so fast. Love you!