Monday, March 10, 2008

Still waiting....

I just wanted to keep everyone posted on our upcoming orders. Many of you know that we are waiting on orders for where we will be moving later this summer. I just wanted to fill everyone in on what we now know....NOTHING.

Don't worry we are not keeping any sercrets, believe me we are just as curious as you are.

One thing we are keeping a secret though is the name of our upcoming little princess. It is not that we are keeping it a secret, it is just that we don't like to really decide until right before or during the delivery. It weirds us out a little when people start referring to her as name when we are not even sure what the name will be. So we just keep it to ourselves until she arrives. Plus, people tend to give a little too much input when it is not their decision to make.

If you have an opinion on where we should be moving we are fine with that, it is totally out of our control. Where do you think the Navy should send us?

We will fill you in as soon as they let us know.


Sheri said...

I think they should send you to the Washington D.C. area, since that is where we are PCSing in May! I would love to meet you all in person!

aloha-gal said...

Definitely Hawaii...of course. You all would LOVE it here!

a soldier's wife said...

I hope they don't keep you wating much longer....the waiting game is hard :) Hope they give you a wonderful assignment!